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Rare wines from small Italian wineries

77vintidó is a Venetian local language pun*: 77 is pronounced “se tanta sete” and vintidó means 22, but at the same time also “vin ti do” (I give you wine). “If you are thirsty, I give you wine”!

We give not just a simple wine, but a young, light and pleasantly sparkling wine such as Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore DOCG, produced according to tradition by a few selected winemakers in the Area.
The mission of 77vintidó is to promote the wines of the small winemakers of Valdobbiadene and the country-side area.
All the small Italian wineries that are part of this network use their energy and time to cultivate the vines and produce their wines in the best possible way and little to promote and make their exceptional products known. This is the most important mission of 77vintidó.

* “O’ tanta sete (I am so thirsty). Se tanta sete, vin ti do (If you are so thirsty, I give you the wine)” =  87. 77 22

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Art illustration by Hellen